Removal Notice

Please be informed that our office will move to a new location, effective from 8 December, 2014 inclusive. New Address: Office C, 11th Floor, Billion Plaza 2, No. 10 Cheung Yue Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong Telephone and Fax number remain unchanged. Telephone Number: 852-2300 1651     Fax number: 852-2384 2778 Whatsapp: 852-5374 5440 Email: Please update your records accordingly. With warmest regards, Stella W.M. Kwok & C...

Practical Experience

The right fit  As the founder of Stella W.M. Kwok & Co., a small sized CPA firm based in Hong Kong, Ms. Stella Kwok has a passion for her work. She believes the accountancy profession is not just about numbers but also working along with people to provide solutions. Stella established the firm in 1995. What distinguishes SWMK from other similar sized firms is the higher proportion of its overseas clients. “Our client list has been expanding through recommendations. The quality service we ...

About Us

Stella W.M. Kwok & Co. is a registered Certified Public Accountants practice of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants with concentration in corporate service of auditing, accounting and bookkeeping, tax planning and company secretary. History: We are an audit firm rooted in Hong Kong. Found in 1993 as a sole proprietorship of Ms. Stella Kwok. In our firm there are 20 professional staff, they graduated from different institutes and universities in Hong Kong and overseas. W...

Maximum Relevant Income Level

Contributions Employee and Employer Employees and employers who are covered by the MPF System are each required to make regular mandatory contributions calculated at 5% of the employee’s relevant income to an MPF scheme, subject to the minimum and maximum relevant income levels. For a monthly-paid employee, the minimum and maximum relevant income levels are $7,100 and $30,000 respectively. Monthly Relevant Income Mandatory Contributions Employer Portion Employee Portion Le...


主席:     我謹動議二讀《二零一四年撥款條例草案》。 引言 2. 香港回歸祖國十六年,民生、社會、經濟、政治各方面都有重大的發展。踏入二零一四年,我們進入關鍵的時刻,我們需要一齊為香港未來作出承擔和準備,為我們這一代、以至下一代的幸福,鞏固堅實的基礎。 3. 社會正就二零一七年行政長官和二零一六年立法會產生辦法進行討論,我殷切期望社會能夠求同存異,達致共識,實現普選。 4. 經濟方面,去年外圍環境動盪,美國聯邦儲備局(聯儲局)年底改變維持多年的量化寬鬆措施。資金進出香港的頻率和幅度可能會有所增加,我們必須做好防禦,處理在所難免的波動,同時把握全球逐步變動的格局,尋求下一輪的發展路向。 5. 行政長官上月公布一份全面、惠及不同階層市民的《施政報告》,提出一百六十多項措施,涉及二百五十億元的額外開支。我會在財政資源上作出全面配合,盡快提供市民期待的服務。 6. 我去年成立「長遠財政計劃工作小組」,為人口老化以及長遠承擔作出更周全的財政規劃。我衷心感謝小組的學者和專家過去半年多的辛勤工作,提供獨立和專業的分析和建議。小組報告指出,隨着人口老化,勞動力下降,香...
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Inland Revenue Department Notice – Business Registration

Inland Revenue Department Notice – Business Registration  (September 15, 2014) SOIPN 6  The Inland Revenue and Stamp Duty Legislation (Alternative Bond Schemes) (Amendment) Ordinance 2013 was enacted in July 2013 to bring particular types of arrangements that are economically equivalent to debt arrangements under tax rules comparable to those applying to debt arrangements and to give stamp duty relief in relation to those types of arrangements.  The Stamp Office Interpretation and Pract...